About Me

I started studying the Wing Chun Kung Fu martial art in 2007 with Sifu Scott Rowlinson and Sifu Andy Watts who were EWTO instructors in Northampton.

I joined to Northampton school the same way as most of my students – on the Basic Course. This gave me an opportunity to find out all about Wing Chun Kung Fu and EWTO. After 8 months of training I realised, Wing Chun is for me. I admired the concepts of this art and the scientific explanation behind them. I moved on to the TTC course and started to prepare for my TG by training every day and attending all kinds of seminars hosted by Master Cameron and Grand Master Keith R. Kernspecht.

Soon I started to help my instructor Sifu Andy Watts to run his school by teaching and giving people an opportunity to try this beautiful art. In 2011 I moved to Leamington Spa to improve my training under Sifu Scott Rowlinson and achieved my 1st Technician Degree in September 2011. I started apprenticeship at the Leamington Spa HQ. This was the time Master Andrew Cameron and Sifu Scott Rowlinson made a decision to quit EWTO and start their own organisation Wing Chun International Worldwide (WCI Worldwide) with an aim to build a network of schools in the UK and around the world. The March 2017 I achieved my 2nd Technician Degree and now I am starting my training toward the next level.

This year 2018 I have been given an opportunity to become a student of the founder of Wing Chun International – Master Andrew Cameron that will improve my Wing Chun knowledge tremendously.

In 2013 I started to manage the WCI Oxford School and in March 2014 I became the owner of this school. Two years later in March 2016 I started WCI Didcot school and August 2016 – WCI Abingdon school. I have now been teaching for 6 years and looking toward the growth of all my schools within Wing Chun International.